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About Ashby Youth for Christ

AYFC was conceived and born some time in the early 1980’s. Then it was a group of people who loved God and wanted to serve young people. Now, it’s, well, it still is a group of people who love God and want to serve young people.

Our work is 4D:

  • Demonstration: Sharing God’s love through what we do
  • Declaration: Talking about God and his son Jesus
  • Discipleship: Supporting those who want to be Christians
  • Decision : Inviting a response to the challenges of Christ

We are part of the local Church. There are people from every Christian denomination in Ashby working in one way or another for AYFC.

We are a registered charity. Our work is supported by organisations, individuals and grants; and it is governed by a board of trustees.

We work in partnership: with local schools, the Police, Social Services, CYFA Pathfinders Ventures, British Youth For Christ, young offenders chaplaincy, Youth For Christ in other countries and many more.

We work in Ashby-de-la-Zouch and the surrounding villages

AYFC Twitter Quotes

We smashed bare goals in init” – YP after winning after winning a footie tournament with AYFC team ‘Corinthians’

“I prayed you’d win when I was at work” – YP commenting on a footie match

“That’s blown my mind” – Young man during a bible study

“It’s not giving young people a good time, it’s giving them a long time” – AYFC supporter/volunteer

“I want a relationship with God” – Young man during a bible study

“Helped me with my problems” – YP when asked what AYFC has done for them

“Kept me out of trouble” – as above

“I’ve never felt anything like that before” – YP after being prayed for

“God helped me come off drugs” – Young woman during a bible study

“I know it’s not God’s fault now” – Young man during bible study

“They educate the youth about Christ” – YP when asked what AYFC do

“I got that job after you prayed for me” – Young man

“God keeps making me want to be nice to people” – Young man after bible study

“I pray when I’m at work and it makes me feel peaceful” – Young man

“They love people” – YP when asked what AYFC do

“I’ve got the bible app on my phone now cause I need to read it and see if it’s the truth or not” – Young man

“You look better bald” – YP to me

“We didn’t believe in God until we started coming to Glue, we do now” – YP at ‘Glue’ youth group

“I don’t really like him, but I’m not gonna say he can’t come cause I know everyone’s welcome” – YP

“To make a difference in young people’s lives all you have to do is show up” – Vernon

“They’re the soundest bunch of coppers you’d ever meet” – YP talking about our football matches with local police officers

“AYFC is part of my support network” – Young man

“I went and got chips for lunch on one of my 6th form frees this week, just cause I can” – YP

“Will there be a buffet?” – YP asking about a youth group trip

“It’s like a little family” – YP when talking about ‘Sk8ers’ drop-in club

Ashby Youth for Christ

taking the good news relevantly to young people in Ashby

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Office: Ashby Methodist Church, Burton Road, Ashby de la Zouch, LE65 2LF